Stone slabs for floors and terraces are placed onto a prepared clean and dry surface.

Before applying adhesive the surface should be covered with SN impregnation for better
grip of the adhesive to the surface. The adhesive should be designed for stone with sand
granulation 2mm, which provides the necessary pressure resistance.

Construction of stone walls is carried out in various ways, for example drywall or wall with
joints. Regardless of the construction method and stone finishing, the joints in the wall must
be strictly horizontal and vertical, which contributes to visual perfection. When constructing
walls higher than 2m, it is recommended to anchor them with vertically installed reinforced mesh and horizontally placed anchors (5 pieces per one square meter). This gives the entire wall construction required compactness.

Stone maintenance and protection

Stone is protected by simple applying (spraying, coating) of impregnation (Micro and Nano), which provides the protective film against humidity and dirt penetration, but allows the release of humidity from the stone interior through its surface. While used in the production process, the impregnation fluid penetrates into the tiniest micro pores of the material and permanently remains on the surface of the stone as a protective film. 

Without impregnation

After impregnation

We recommend coating with impregnation fluid once every year, before the winter season.